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Surveillance Systems

We specialize in professional CCTV installations for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

Intercom Systems

Our solutions include face-to-face communication and secure access control systems.

Access Controls

We offer seamless installation and efficient servicing of access control systems, locks, and card access.

Networking Solution

Our expertise extends to networking solutions for optimal system performance and efficient network installation mapping.

Alarm Systems

We provide reliable alarm installations to enhance security. With Real-time alerts to minimize risks and impro

Meeting Conference

Partnering with Nearity, we offer sophisticated audiovisual gear for efficient collaboration in various-sized rooms.


Securityeyes provides a broad range of specialized security, technology solutions and consulting services. We customize offerings that are suited to our individual customer’s needs in order to deliver the most effective security solutions.

A burglar alarm is a time-proven effective means of deterring intruders. Also, burglar alarms are an essential component of a comprehensive security strategy, offering protection, peace of mind, and potential cost savings.

Securityeyes provide intruder alarm systems for clients of all scales to protect a single floor house or a whole office building, Securityeyes can design an alarm system to meet your exact requirements.

With Securityeyes back-to-base central monitoring service, burglar alarms can alert you and the security guard promptly in case of an intrusion.


CCTV surveillance systems provide enhanced security by deterring criminal activity and recording incidents for evidence. They allow remote monitoring, reducing the need for extensive security personnel and encouraging employee adherence to rules.

CCTV enhances safety, documents event, verifies visitor identities, may lower insurance costs, and offers peace of mind through a reliable sense of security. Securityeyes have provided safe and reliable CCTV video security solutions to thousands of Australian customers

Nowadays, AI technology has brought significant benefits to surveillance systems by enabling advanced capabilities such as facial recognition, object detection, and behavioral analysis.

These AI-powered systems can automatically identify and track individuals, vehicles, or suspicious activities, enhancing security and reducing the workload on human operators.

Additionally, AI algorithms can sift through vast amounts of video data, quickly flagging potential threats and anomalies, which improves real-time monitoring and response.

Overall, AI technology makes surveillance systems more efficient, accurate, and capable of addressing security challenges effectively.

Access Control

Access control solution from Securityeyes can be optimized for any need, small as well as large.
Access control systems offer numerous advantages for both residential and commercial settings.

These systems significantly enhance security by regulating who can enter specific areas, thereby preventing unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism. They provide the flexibility to customize access permissions for individuals or groups, making it easy to manage personnel and visitor access efficiently.

Access control systems also maintain detailed records of entry and exit, aiding in tracking and accountability. They can integrate with other security measures like surveillance cameras and alarms to create a comprehensive security solution.

Remote management capabilities and the elimination of traditional keys reduce hassles and enhance overall security. In emergencies, these systems can swiftly initiate lockdown procedures, enhancing occupant safety. Access control not only improves security but also helps with compliance and regulatory requirements, demonstrating a commitment to safety and data protection.


Intercom systems offer valuable communication and security benefits in various settings. These systems facilitate convenient, real-time communication between different areas of a building or property, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

In residential applications, intercoms allow homeowners to screen visitors before granting access, enhancing safety. In commercial and industrial contexts, they streamline internal communication, improving response times and overall productivity.

Additionally, intercoms can integrate with other security measures, like video surveillance, to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Their user-friendly interface makes them accessible to people of all ages, further enhancing communication and safety. Overall, intercom systems are essential for both convenience and security in various environments.

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