About Us

We are a team of 40 security experts with over 13 years of experience in security solution in Australia.

Founded in 2008, Security Eyes supplies a complete range of security products to suit Residential, Commercial and Industrial needs, focusing on professional CCTV Surveillance systems, Face & Fingerprint access control systems, Alarm & Intercom systems.

We understand that customers are the essence of our business, therefore our company is not only offering the best and up-to-date security solutions, and we also provide post-sale customer support and professional technical services, which are formulated to satisfy customers by effectively meeting their needs and wants.

Our Core Values

– Committed to designing & delivering the best
– Honest and transparent services
– We care for your security solutions just like ours
– Keep learning and adapting to new technologies

Executive Summary

Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd provides highly skilled, fully trained frontline staff with a customer-focused approach. We have a sound understanding of different client environments and their unique and diverse requirements from a service partner. Without ever abandoning the principles of security management, our people approach each person appropriately and with consideration: with a view to enhancing customer service experience as well as being able to determine the correct response to incidents and conflicts as they arise. The Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd proposal presented in this document will be based on fundamental contracting solutions such as:

  • Service Experience
  • Tailored Resource Model
  • Contract Governance
  • Customer Service
  • Fundamental Value

Tailored Resource Model

Our resource model ensures the facilities will receive the full scope of requirements. We have crafted a resource plan that comprises a Security Delivery Team, a Local Account Management Team and a Senior Executive Management Team.

The Security Delivery Team: Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd seek out locally positioned ‘career guards,’ with an industry reputation for integrity and reliability, and impart our philosophies and work ethic upon them to ensure the service delivery is consistent, impressive and in line with client expectations.

The Local Management Team model specifies a locally-based Security Manager to support the security team and to be the Client Service Manager (CSM) for the contract. The CSM will be the first point of contact for Coates Group and Coates Group stakeholders, and will form part of the team responsible for supervision and reporting, visiting the site to conduct random and planned health checks on services being delivered.

From our experience of dealing with clients that require a collaborative partner for outsourced services, we believe this localized tiered management structure maximizes performance. We are confident that our approach will lead to a higher standard of customer and client satisfaction, and a higher overall quality of service provision. Whilst systems and procedures are very important for all contracting models, people with contracting experience that are locally based ensure our teams apply ownership and accountability.

Contract Governance

Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd can offer a truly end-to-end service solution. It’s important for Coates Group to partner with an organization that understands the detail behind the delivery and administration of this kind of contracting model. Our business is differentiated by our people and process regimes. We believe we have the right balance of people and processes to mitigate risk and provide the most cost- effective offer. All our contracts have detailed Contract Management Plans in place to ensure a consistent delivery of service is achieved.


Our submission has been built on our experience gained collectively over the past 20 years and a continued, dedicated focus on customer service. As a result, our offer brings Coates Group benefits including:

  • High standard service outcomes through our supervision approach
  • Customer focused approach with our localized management structure and dedicated training partners
  • Collaborative relationship with Coates Group to ensure performance
  • Day-to-day expertise from a specialist provider
  • End to end governance practices by managing risk profiles

Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd is confident our proposal delivers on all your contract objectives and look forward to taking further part in your procurement process.

To ensure clear and consistent communications between our security staff and client, each client of Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd benefits from:

  • Individual contract management programmed, with access 24/7 to our on call officers,
    • Routine supervision and site inspections managed by your allocated Quality Control Manager.

Site specific communication log books, with preventative maintenance reporting aids

  A competitive price which will allows us a fair rate; our owners work in the day to day operations and we have built a reputation on service and referrals. Our goal is to work with you on a long term basis. Provide a cheaper quote and we will beat it by 10%.
  Professional approach; police checked guards, experienced guards and technicians.
  Direct point of contact; no hoops to jump through or unanswered calls and call centers.
  Site is checked at least weekly by our operations managers after hours and during business hours so we see what you see during the day and we will report any errors which are usually fixed within 24 hours.

Contract Staffing & Delivery Structure

The Local Account Management Team will be involved in the account on a day-to-day basis. The Client Service Manager will be the first point of contact for Coates Group stakeholders.

The responsibilities of our CSM include:

  • Supervision of Security and related tasks
  • Interface between service delivery and management teams of Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd
  • Administration of the contract.
  • Ensuring security staffs are well equipped with appropriate appearance and equipment.

The Security Delivery Team will be on conduct the patrols as per the scope and as directed by the CSM.

Back Up/Emergency guards are available at short notice, with their movements monitored and controlled by our 24 hour help desk – located in ACT, NSW,QLD & SA.

Supervision and Audit

Security Eyes Australia Pty Ltd will conduct weekly inspections and additional ad hoc checks on the services. We will consolidate the weekly inspection information into a monthly report which will be provided to key stakeholders at Coates Group, to provide an overview of performance outcomes per month.

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