Atlas 4-Door Network Access Controller Panel with Wifi


ZKTeco 4-door network controller panel, built-in web application, support 8 (Wiegand or OSDP readers) / 8 (Fingerprint readers), user capacity (5,000), fingerprint capacity (5,000), with wifi

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  • Powerful, intuitive, Web Management Application built into the Controller – all you need is a web browser
  •  Scalability up to 84 Doors by adding maximum 20 Secondary Controllers
  • Critical emergency functions: global lock-down, global emergency unlock, alarm management, duress PINs, emergency codes, and muster reporting
  •  Reset password function is available if ever password is lost or forgotten
  •  Atlas supports card printers (requires installation of respective print driver)
  •  Secure and convenient fingerprint access using ZKTeco’s industry-leading biometric technology(Biometric Atlas Series models only)
  •  Support for industry-standard Wiegand and OSDP card readers, with flexible card format definitions
  •  Mobile APP for iOS and Android are available
  •  Online help with convenient hyper-links provides fast access to detailed explanations describing Atlas functions
  •  Firmware upgrade via web application
  •  Up to 8 types of holidays (special days) with different color label and calendar layout makes holiday settings more intuitive
  •  More flexible user settings for different needful privileges
  •  Built-in PoE and WI-FI capability reduces installation time & material cost
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